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I have used the products from Juhldal’s PSO serie for some weeks.

In short: They are good stuff.

All products have a number. When I use the PSO Shampoo No 4, my skalp is no longer itchy. PSO Body-Shampoo No 5 is soft and is as good as odorless.

Often unscented products can smell uncomfortable. That is certainly not the case here neither for Body-Shampoo No 5 nor for PSO Specialcream No 14 with and without pump. Convenient to people with rheumatoid arthritis hands, PSO speciallotion No 11 and No 12 are available on tube. The creams and lotions lubricate very well and are economical in use. They do not stick, but make the skin soft and less flaky.

According to the product information, the PSO line contains natural ingredients such as bromelin, jojoba, angelica, avocado, liquorice and squalane. Bromelin is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, but the skin of some people seems to be able to irritate a little. You can buy Juhldal products both online and in Etos. For the little wallet, the price may be an objection. But because it’s so economical to use, the products last longer than other creams. I have found a new supplier in Juhldal for my hair and skin care!

Juhldal is tested at the editorial board of the Psoriasis Association Nederland, December 2017

Astrid Sibbes

Much information can be found on Juhldal’s website about the products. Among other things, they are intended to prevent or treat dry and flaky skin. Fine when winter approaches. We have received an extensive assortment to test: Nourishing skin creams, lotions, two kinds of shampoo and liquid soap. We received the products in the summer, so I have had plenty of time to test them. The creams and lotions spread out easily, are greasy and well absorbed into the skin. One cream is a little creamier than the other. I also like both the shampoos. I can not test them on a dry winter skin, but I will certainly try it out. When it comes to soap I usually only use a little, but Juhldal’s liquid soap I use twice a week. Good stuff, does not dry out the skin. Some products have a slight smell, others are odorless.

My conclusion: I am very enthusiastic and continue to use a number of products.

They are not cheap, but in the webshop I see that there are nice offers.

Juhldal getest bij de redactie van Psoriasisvereniging Nederland, dec 2017

Janneke van Kampen

Although I use Humira, my skin is dry and flaky. A means to keep your skin cool and smooth is therefore always welcome. Juhldal’s products was a gift for me. For my scalp I use PSO shampoo No. 4. The result was reasonable. Hardly any flakes, but the itch was not gone. PSO Special Cream No 14 was very effective. The skin remained smooth and virtually without peeling.

One reason to continue using it.

Juhldal getest bij de redactie van Psoriasisvereniging Nederland, dec 2017

Ton van Ingen Schenau

Anyone with a dry or scaly skin problem, can rejoice that Juhldal has decided to refine and advance the PSO Special lotions No 11 and 12. These creams have helped many people with various forms of psoriasis.”

Thank you for the nice words.

To have good and healthy skin it is not only important what you put on it but also which soap you use is important. Therefore, try the PSO Body Shampoo No 5 from Juhldal. Use this as a supplement before using the PSO Special lotion No 11 and No 12. If you have problems with your scalp or hairline then the PSO Shampoo No 4 and PSO CureShampoo No 4+ are very effective products.

The Danish magazine ‘The Family Journal’ talks about Juhldal.

The Danish magazine 'the Family Journal' talks about Juhldal

I love that cream. It is still the best cream I have ever tried until today.

I always buy a lot at the fair, so that I have a good stock.

Lotte Truelsen

This cream has saved my hands!

I had a lot of eczema on my hands. No cream from the dermatologist or radiation treatment helped. I read about Special Cream no 14 and gave it a chance.

From that moment on I have no problem with my hands anymore.

Linda Buch Andersen Mihalech

Delicious and indispensable.

Ingela Hardinger

It works for me

Special cream for psoriasis

I have very sensitive skin and with a bit of stress or laryngitis I already have a huge outbreak of psoriasis with corresponding itchy blisters on my hands and feet. In recent years I have often been prescribed hormone cream. But that made my skin thin, vulnerable and less elastic.

It feels like miracles exist now that I have used Juhldal PSO Special lotion No 12. It started after someone recommended the PSO body shampoo No 5, this is PH neutral and the expert saleswoman in the store told me about the Lotion No 12. This is based on medicinal herbs and skin-friendly oils. A month after use, my skin feels baby-soft and looks like new again. Fantastic!

Health journalist AT

The Danish magazine 'The Family Journal' week 38, 2017

PSO CureShampoo No 4+ was recommended by my sister, who also has psoriasis in the scalp.

She told me that PSO CureShampoo had worked on her, but that you must be patient. My scalp was really covered with a thick layer of crusts. I started the treatment and washed my hair for 14 days with the PSO CureShampoo No 4+.

Gradually I noticed a change, the crusts released, and erysipelas became significantly less.

My daughter is a hairdresser and she looks on my scalp regularly.

She saw a clear improvement after 14 days. Then I bought PSO Shampoo No 4 and after that I washed my hair every second day with PSO CureShampoo No 4+. My scalp now looks so much better that I only use PSO CureShampoo No 4+ if I feel that the psoriasis becomes active.

Ulla Hesselby's history

They are worth gold if you have psoriasis in your scalp.

Sachse on Instagram


I have had many problems with my scalp. I have suffered from sore and severe itching for years, but since I started using this shampoo, I’m not suffering anymore.

It really is the best shampoo in the world, I can’t imagine better for my extremely sensitive scalp and I have tried a lot.

C. Jensen on instagram